The Vasologue: An Introduction

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Vasologue - A pot never stands alone. It will always be regarded in relation to what has been planted in it or what surrounds it: architecture and landscape, materials and colours. This makes it intriguing to examine the many different ways of presenting and placing the pot, and how the level of impact van depend on the way it is used.

For this book, around 20 plant, garden and design professionals from around the world have kindly participated in interviews and shared inspiring and valuable thoughts about their work. As a group they have several things in common, one of them being the fact that they have collaborated with Atelier Vierkant on one or more occasions.  Because of the need for something as familiar as a pot, they have each found their way to one specific manufacturer in Belgium. How and why, they disclose one-by-one across the book. This group of professionals is just a fraction of the partners with whom Atelier Vierkant collaborates yet they represent a wide spectrum of cultures, locations, professions and backgrounds, offering varied images of their individual practices and approaches.

The reason for setting up these interviews in the first place is based on a wish to open up, to share and enlighten. Throughout the following pages interior and landscape projects are presented with startling imagery, illustrating the results of a meticulous work process that always comprises a long list of interactions and manoeuvres. Atelier Vierkant’s ceramic pots, planters, vessels, seating and customised objects have been skilfully integrated by designers and architects with the aim of creating beautiful and extraordinary spaces. We call this type of work “vasologue” – arranging and designing with pots. Thanks to the creative interchange with professionals in the garden, landscape and architecture fields, Atelier Vierkant has been able to develop and invent products which stand out and create unique environments and atmospheres. This book is a dedication to the vasologue.